Stormwater Master Plan

The Stormwater Master Plan will ensure long-term improvements of the town's stormwater management systems and infrastructure.

Planning ahead so Oakville is rain ready!

For 50 years, Oakville has had a stormwater system in place. To ensure a long-term improvement for stormwater management, we are developing a Stormwater Master Plan called "Be rain ready". 

To protect residents from flooding, while also preserving our natural environment, the master plan will help guide: 

  • Town staff, using short and long-term steps, so we can always be improving our approach to stormwater management and climate change. 
  • Oakville residents using tips for how to reduce the risk of flooding on their property.

This project will be rolled out in three phases

  • Phase one: Assess the condition of the existing stormwater system and collected background data. This phase was completed in 2015. 
  • Phase two: Assess the performance of the existing stormwater system to identify opportunities to decrease flood risk. This phase was completed in 2020.
  • Phase three: Develop and assess funding strategies to implement the plan. This phase is currently underway as part of the town’s Rainwater Management Plan and the Stormwater Fee Feasibility Study. Opportunities for public feedback will be posted on the study page.

Stormwater Master Plan documents


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Manager, Development Services 
Transportation and Engineering
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