Canada Geese

Canada Geese are native to North America and can be found throughout Oakville. 

Aggressive geese

Aggressive geese should be avoided. Geese may be more aggressive during nesting season which begins in early April. 

When threatened, Canada Geese will stand tall, spread their wings, and make a hissing sound. Then, they may charge, bite, or attack with their wings.

Feeding geese

Feeding Canada Geese and other water fowl is prohibited in Oakville under the Lot Maintenance and Parks By-laws. Negative impacts of feeding geese include:

  • Attracting more birds to human habitats which can result in land degradation, water contamination, overpopulation, and increased instances of accidental death
  • Malnourishment - Geese have a specific diet and when they are fed foods like bread, they do not get the essential fats, proteins, and nutrients they require
  • Dependency on humans for food that can threaten the animal’s survival

Deterring geese

Due to their large population, Canada Geese are often considered a nuisance in and around waterfront areas. Geese are attracted to mown lawns that stretch down to the water. You can deter Canada Geese from nesting and staying on your property by:

  • Planting native shrubs and vegetation, including longer grasses near shorelines and waterways.
  • Using bright, flashing strobe lights after dark or before dawn to disturb geese.
  • Playing sound recordings of eagles or falcons, natural predators of geese, to scare them away. Consult your neighbours before doing so as it be considered an infraction of the Noise By-law.
  • Cutting your lawn less frequently. Your lawn should still be maintained in accordance with the Lot Maintenance By-law.

Canada Goose management program

Town staff are employing an overall goose management program to control the population of resident geese. Egg removal, turf sweeping, and habitat modification are other programs designed to deal with the overpopulation of Canada Geese along Oakville's waterfront.

Operating under a permit from the Canadian Wildlife Service, town crews round up and relocate approximately 1,000 geese to a wildlife sanctuary each June.

Egg removal program

The egg removal program is an annual Parks and Open Space department task. It concentrates on nests located along the Lake Ontario shoreline in Oakville and Bronte Harbours and along the Sixteen Mile, Fourteen Mile and Twelve Mile creeks and ponds. 

Egg removal encourages the geese to abandon their nesting sites in search of suitable habitats for molting. The eggs are humanely disposed of as per guidelines from the Canadian Wildlife Service.

While many nests are located on the shoreline and in our public spaces, geese can also nest on your property. If you have had nests on your property in the past and would like to participate in the egg removal program, please contact ServiceOakville, and please note that the town requires permission to enter your property.

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