Property Ownership Changes

How to change your property ownership and pay your property taxes after an ownership change.

Changing ownership

If an ownership change has taken place, please have your solicitor contact us at with the legal documentation.

Ownership can not be changed without legal documentation.

You need to provide legal documentation to support an ownership change, such as:

  • a copy of title transfer
  • marriage certificate
  • death certificate

An administrative fee of $50 will be charged to the account upon the change of ownership.

Tax payments following ownership changes

Property account numbers

If you are moving within Oakville, the property account number that you use to pay your taxes will change.

You need to update your online banking processes to include the correct property account number to ensure payments are applied to your new property. You can locate the five to six digit number on your tax bill. 

Pre-Authorized Payment plans

If you are moving within Oakville and pay your taxes through a Pre-Authorized Payment program, you need to cancel the payment program for your old property.

You will need to submit a new application form for your new property as soon as possible.

Changing mailing address

If your mailing address needs to be changed, please fill out the form below or email with the revised mailing address update.