The town owns over eight kilometres of Lake Ontario shoreline. 

The town is committed to protecting and preserving the public shoreline and enhancing its natural habitat. 

By doing so, we can contribute to a sustainable waterfront community and limit the effects of erosion on the town’s lakefront.

Protecting our shorelines

What the town is doing

The town protects its shoreline from erosion a number of ways, including:

  • Armour stone walls
  • Armour stone revetments
  • Armour stone groynes
  • Cobble stone beaches
  • Concrete walls
  • Planting of native vegetation to assist in bank stabilization

To ensure that the town’s shoreline remains in a state of good repair, all town-owned shorelines are assessed every five years with the following objectives: 

  • Assess and document the condition of the shoreline infrastructure to identify maintenance and rehabilitation requirements.
  • Develop a prioritized list and schedule of rehabilitation projects to include in the town’s capital budget.  

Learn more about our shoreline improvement projects.

What residents can do

You can help protect our shorelines by doing the following:

  • Stay on designated trails, pathways and recreational areas. Do not climb on retaining walls or structures.
  • Don’t cut trees or grass in naturalized areas.
  • Don’t drain water directly into natural areas. This can cause soil erosion.
  • Pick up garbage or debris and dispose of it in the appropriate receptacles.