Tax Due Dates and Payments

How and when to pay your property taxes.

Due dates

The Town of Oakville issues property tax bills twice per year. 

Each time you will receive one tax bill with two payment dates; the interim tax bill due date and the final tax bill due date.

Interim tax bill due date

Issued at the end of January

  • First installment – February 26, 2024
  • Second installment – April 26, 2024

Final tax bill due date

Issued at the end of May

  • First installment – June 25, 2024
  • Second installment – September 25, 2024

Making payments

The following options are available for property tax payments. Cash payments are no longer accepted.

Internet banking

To make an online payment, you need your property tax account number (not roll number), which is found at the top-right of your tax bill. You may also call ServiceOakville 905-845-6601 to ask for your property tax account number.

Sign into your bank's secure website, go to the Bill Payment section and add the Town of Oakville as a payee. Depending on your bank, search for “Oakville” and the payee name will be either: "Oakville", "Oakville Taxes" or "Oakville Property Tax".

Enter your property tax account number and amount to be paid.

If you require assistance, please contact your bank or financial institution.

The town does not accept email payment transfers (INTERAC).


Mail cheques payable to Town of Oakville to:

Town of Oakville, Tax Department
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON
L6H 0H3

Cheques may also be dropped off at the drop box outside the main entrance to Town Hall.

Post-dated cheques corresponding with due dates only

Cheques can be delivered in the after-hours drop box at Town Hall. Please use the corresponding payment due date only.

Credit card (online only)

To pay taxes using your existing MasterCard, Visa or American Express, visit the Plastiq website. There is a fee to use this service for tax payments. The fee is independent of the Town of Oakville. Check the Plastiq website for details. 

Please expect three to six business days for payment processing.

Pre-authorized tax payment plans

All tax bills (except supplementary and omitted bills) can be paid using one of the town’s pre-authorized payment plans.

Completing the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Application Form (PAP) (pdf) allows you to pay taxes in four, nine or 12 monthly installments.

To sign up, your property must be fully assessed for one year to include both the land and structure values. Please see the application form for all the program details.

Contact for assistance in joining the program.

To adjust the banking information used for the pre-authorized payment plan, complete the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan Banking Information Change Request Form (pdf).

To cancel your pre-authorized payment plan, complete the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan Cancellation Request Form (pdf).

Payment must be received on or prior to the due date to avoid penalty and interest. Late payment charges are set in accordance with current legislation and cannot be waived.

Interest is charged at 1.25 per cent monthly, applied on the first day of each month of default (15 per cent annually).

Filing an assessment appeal, a request for reconsideration, or failure to receive a property tax bill does not exempt you from paying taxes by the due date or from incurring late payment penalties.