Oakville Transit

Public transportation throughout the town is provided by Oakville Transit which offers low-floor, fully accessible conventional buses and care-A-van (para transit) bus service.

Why use transit?

A full transit bus takes 40 vehicles off the road during rush hour, saving 70,000 litres of fuel and reducing air pollutants by nine tonnes a year.

One full 40-foot bus is equivalent to a line of 58 moving cars stretching six city blocks if traffic is moving at 40 kilometres per hour.

An automobile driver uses more energy and creates more air pollution in just four years on the road than a transit passenger does in 40 years.

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Oakville Transit Administration
430 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 2G7
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Customer service: 905-815-2020
Care-A-Van and Home to Hub: 905-337-9222 (available during Care-A-Van service hours)
Ride-On-Demand: 905-815-6105 (available during Ride-On-Demand service operating hours)
Email: transit@oakville.ca