Aquatics Programs

Our Aquatics programs adhere to the highest standards of safety, supervision and quality programming.
All programs are HIGH FIVE® certified.

Select pools are opening for recreational swims, private lessons and Aquatic Leadership programs

The following pools will be open for recreational swims on July 13, 2020:

  • Lions Outdoor Pool
  • Wedgewood Outdoor Pool
  • Falgarwood Outdoor Pool
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre’s (QEPCCC) indoor pool

Private swimming lessons will be offered at Falgarwood outdoor pool.

Aquatic Leadership programs will be offered at Lions outdoor pool and QEPCCC indoor pool.

Capacity at the pools will be reduced to help ensure physical distancing guidelines are maintained in compliance with Halton Public Health Regulations, Lifesaving Society’s guidelines, and provincial guidelines.

Recreation swims

Residents must pre-book their swim blocks online in advance at To ensure capacity restrictions are met, drop-ins are not allowed.

Private Lessons and Leadership Training

Developed in consultation with the Lifesaving Society, and incorporating strict public health measures designed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, limited private swimming lessons will be offered.

All previous Leadership participants for our spring and summer sessions, will receive an email about available programming and how to register.

As provincial guidelines are updated, the town will continue to look for opportunities to expand programming in a safe and responsible manner.

Aquatics Programs FAQs

1. Are pools opening up this summer at the Town of Oakville?

  • Yes! We were recently approved to open three outdoor pools and two indoor pool as part of Stage 2 of Ontario’s Framework for Reopening the Province.
  • Lions, Wedgewood and Falgarwood outdoor pools, and Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre’s (QEPCCC) indoor pool will open Monday, July 13, 2020 for recreational swims and private lessons only.
  • Iroquois Ridge Community Centre pool will open on Saturday, August 1, 2020. More details will be posted as they become available.
  • Capacity at Town of Oakville outdoor/indoor pools will be reduced to help ensure physical distancing guidelines are maintained in compliance with Halton Public Health Regulations, Lifesaving Society’s guidelines, and provincial guidelines.

2. Which programs are available?

  • Starting July 13, the Town of Oakville is offering limited capacity length swims, as well as leisure swims at all opened pools.
  • Pool rentals are NOT permitted at this time.
  • Private lessons will be offered at a 1:1 ratio at Falgarwood Pool.
  • Any child requiring assistance in the pool should come with a guardian that can assist with directions from our instructors.
  • Limited Aquatics Leadership Programs will be offered at Lions Pool.

3. How do I book a swim time?

  • Starting July 6, residents can pre-book their swim times online at In-person bookings are not allowed.
  • Spaces will be very limited to comply with safety guidelines and available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Admission is $4 for seniors and youth, and $5 for adults and must be paid online prior to your scheduled swim.
  • Cash will not be accepted on site. If you require support with alternate payment options, please call 905-815-2000.
  • Regular swim admission policies will apply.
  • Activity passes and fitness memberships will not be accepted in July or August. Memberships have been cancelled or extended until full operations can safely resume. Complimentary passes, Valentine’s Day tickets, etc. are also not accepted at this time.
  • Rain days are non-refundable as our outdoor pools remain open. Refunds will issued, however, if an outdoor pool closes due to a thunderstorm.

4. How do I register for a program?

  • Registration for Aquatic Leadership programs opens Monday, July 6 at 9 a.m.
  • Spaces will be very limited to comply with safety guidelines and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • At this time, only registrations for Oakville residents will be accepted. If there are remaining spaces, non-residents will be invited to register on July 9.
  • Registration will be accepted online only at As Recreation and Culture facilities remain closed, in-person registration is not be available. Residents can email with any registration questions Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

5. Will there be a cashier on site to accept payments for swims?

  • No. Participants are not be able to register and pay at any of our pools.
  • To attend a swim or to take a lesson, registration will be done online at Each pool attendee must be included in your registration.
  • Online registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and it must be completed online.
  • Please limit registration to one type of swim per day to ensure as many swimmers as possible can enjoy our pools.

6. What do I need to know before coming to any of the pools this summer?

Before visiting a town pool, swimmer must be able to confidently pass our COVID-19 screening questionnaire. If you feel unwell, do not come swimming at our pool.

In addition, to ensure the health and safety of staff and other participants, the following precautions will be required:

  • Controlled access through one entry/exit point to ensure required physical distancing.
  • Swimmers are to arrive dressed in bathing attire and ready to swim. Changerooms will not be available and lockers will remain closed so please do not bring any valuables.
  • If possible, participants are encouraged to take a shower prior to visiting the pool and therefore, not have to rinse off prior to entering the pool. Some pools have on deck showers but not all. Showers will not be made available at the end of the swim.
  • Washrooms will be available, but limited to one person or family at a time.
  • Increased cleaning measures after every length or leisure swim.
  • Use of physical markers and signage to indicate the appropriate 2 metres/6 feet spacing distance and traffic flow, where appropriate.
  • Strict adherence to the established employee guidelines, processes and screening requirements. Anyone displaying symptoms will not be admitted.
  • On-deck First Aid treatment stations will be established for outdoor pools.
  • Reduced resting areas (chairs and lawn chairs) and pool/swimmer capacity.
  • Staff will follow all revised CPR and First Aid treatment processes, as amended by the Lifesaving Society in our safety guidelines.
  • Only essential equipment will be provided to patrons and all shared equipment will be disinfected between uses. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lifejackets.
  • Slides and diving boards will be unavailable.

7. What hours will be pools be open?

Most pools will be open from noon to 8 p.m. on weekdays. Weekends times vary.

Outdoor pools close during thunderstorms and refunds will be issued as applicable. Rain days are non-refundable as our outdoor pools remain open.

Please visit our Pools page for locations and hours of operation.

8. Are pools safe to use at this time?

Yes. Swimmers must continue to take general precautions, including physical distancing of at least 2 metres/6 feet, especially in communal areas such as washrooms.

Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 is largely transmitted through respiratory droplets that can spread up to six feet but does not spread through water in recreational water facilities.

The town ensures proper operation of water filtration and disinfection systems that should remove or inactivate the COVID-19 virus.

Cleaning and disinfection of the pool area, as well as washrooms, will be done after every swim.

9. Have admission standards/policies changed?

No. Regular swim admission standards/policies have not changed and still apply.

10. Will memberships and complimentary passes be accepted for swims?

No. We are only accepting online payments through at this time. We have extended the term of our Valentine’s Day swim passes.

11. Can I use my Fee Assistance to pay for swims?

Yes. Money on your account can be used to pay for drop-in swims. If you require support with alternate payment options, please call 905-815-2000.

12. Will washrooms be open?

Washrooms will be open to one participant or one family at a time. Please come dressed and ready to swim.

13. Will equipment be available?

Lifejackets will be available and will be disinfected after every use.

Swimmers must bring their own equipment such as goggles and towels.

14. Is the temperature of Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural Community Centre changing for this summer?

Yes. QEPCCC’s regular temperature of 88 degrees will be decreased to 84 degrees to accommodate additional length and competitive swimmers. The temperature will be changed back to 88 degrees for September.

15. How many people are allowed to swim?

For length swims, our pools will be divided into three sections. Four swimmers will be allowed to swim per double lane, for a maximum of 12 participants in an entire pool area.

For leisure swims, up to 25 people will be able to swim at one time. Physical distancing is required.

16. What will length swims look like this year?

The pools offering length swims will be divided into three double lanes. Each double lane will have a maximum of four (4) people per lane. Each participant will receive their own basket to put in their personal belongings.

17. Will we be able to swim length swims during leisure swims?

No. Lanes will not be put out for leisure swims.

18. If a friend of mine wants to swim in the same lane as me, can we swim together?

Yes, but please let the lifeguard know upon entering the pool and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

19. What happens if someone swims faster or slower than me during a length swim?

  • If any swimmer needs to pass another, participants must do so while maintaining a distance of 2 metres/6 feet.
  • Swimmers are asked to swim continually throughout the 45-minute timeslots.
  • Short breaks (i.e. drinking water, adjusting goggles)are allowed in the pool. For any longer breaks, participants must come out of the water and rest on deck, maintaining a distance of 2 metres/6 feet from any other person.
  • Resting and socializing at the end of the lane is not permitted.

20. Plans to re-open town facilities will comply with current rules and regulations.

Please read the news release for more information.

Book and pay for your recreational swims online!

Book your recreational swim online using Active Oakville. Drop-ins are not allowed at this time and payment must be made at time of booking.