Oakville Youth Awards

Honouring the vibrant spirit and invaluable contributions of Oakville's youth.

Shining a light on the young people making a positive impact in the community!

We are excited to launch the Oakville Youth Awards in partnership with the Oakville Youth Action Committee (OYAC) to recognize young individuals who are actively shaping a brighter future for our town.

Awards celebration

Nominees will be announced in April

Nominations are now closed. Thank you so much for the amazing responses we received!

Selected nominators and nominees will be invited to attend a celebration event that will take place on Saturday, May 4 at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. Light refreshments and entertainment will be provided. More details will be shared in April.

Award categories

Youth Artist Award

Recognizes youth who demonstrate a passion for the arts, whether through music, theatre, or other cultural talents, and who positively represent and dedicate their talents to raising awareness of arts and culture among the youth community.

Youth Sport Award

Recognizes youth who demonstrate a passion for sports and portray a positive image through their participation, volunteerism, or coaching within their chosen sport.

Youth Involvement Award

Recognizes youth who dedicate their time and efforts to local organizations or events, actively engaging in their community through volunteerism, employment, participation, and demonstrating a passion for helping others.

Emerging Youth Leader Award

Recognizes youth who positively influence their peers, demonstrate leadership qualities, and make a positive impact as role models through motivation and mentoring, while showing a true passion for helping others.

Selection criteria and process

Nominees should contribute to the Town of Oakville’s vision of being a vibrant and livable community for all and demonstrate at least one of the values of the town (leadership, inclusivity, fiscal responsibility, sustainability, excellence and quality of life).

A selection committee made up of OYAC members will review each nomination and select the recipients. The selection committee reserves the right to move a nomination to a more appropriate category, if necessary. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.