Citizen Surveys

2019 Citizen Survey

To ensure we’re meeting your service expectations and to help us set our strategic priorities, we survey a random sample of Oakville residents every two years to find out if we’re hitting our mark.

As part of our 2019 Citizen Survey process, Pollara Strategic Insights conducted a telephone survey on our behalf in January to February. To complement the phone survey, we also conducted an online survey to get your candid feedback about town programs, services and more. Thank you to all those who participated!

The results are in!

According to the town’s 2019 Citizen Survey:

  • 81 per cent of Oakville residents surveyed expressed overall satisfaction with the government of the Town of Oakville.
  • 96 per cent of residents surveyed said they were satisfied with Town of Oakville services.
  • 87 per cent of residents surveyed said were satisfied with key attributes of the town.
  • Residents were asked to rate their customer service experience with the Town of Oakville and a remarkable 88 per cent expressed overall satisfaction.
  • When it comes to finding information about the town, 68 per cent of residents identified the town’s website as their preferred way to access town information.

Open the 2019 Citizen Survey Results (pdf) and the 2019 Report Card to Citizens (pdf).

2019 Citizen Survey

2019 Citizen Survey