Eaglewood Communities Inc. - 1354 Bronte Road - OPA 1531.04, Z.1531.04 and 24T-22008/1531

Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision
1354 Bronte Road
File Nos: OPA 1531.04, Z.1531.04 and 24T-22008/1531


The subject applications are currently under appeal before the Ontario Land Tribunal. Case Number OLT-22-004833.  

Please note this is the first circulation of the draft plan of subdivision, and the second circulation of the official plan and zoning by-law amendment applications. The proposal has been modified from a four (4) storey, 71 unit residential building with one (1) level of underground parking with access from a private road to a six (6) storey, 110 unit residential building with two (2) levels of underground parking with access from a public lane.

The subject lands form part of the lands known as the “Bronte Road West Lands” and were included in the Merton Planning Study. As a result of an Ontario Municipal Board hearing, the entirety of the “Bronte Road West Lands” were subsequently designated for Low Density Residential, Medium Density Residential, Natural Area, and Greenbelt with a Parkway Belt Overlay with specific exemption policies included in Part E of the Livable Oakville Plan. Information on the settlement relating to the subject site (also known as the Enns Lands) can be found on the 1401 Bronte Road development application page.


Appealed to Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (Case number OLT-22-004833).

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