Planning Applications

Requirements and supplementary information for your Planning application submissions.

We want to help you be prepared to submit your permits or applications online. There are many types of planning applications that you can submit, so we want to make sure you understand the options. 

Before getting started

Before continuing to the steps below, please review the Planning Applications by Activity page to get some information about some of the unique requirements that may be needed for your application.

Once you are clear about the type of activity you are submitting an application for, the following steps will help you complete your submission:


Pre-consultation meetings are required for all development applications and site plan applications and are held with staff from town departments and agencies.

  • A mandatory pre-consultation meeting is required with town departments and agency staff prior to submitting a complete application package. 
  • Appointment times for pre-consultation meeting dates are allocated on a regular schedule. 
  • There is a non-refundable pre-consultation fee which is payable at the time of appointment request. 

Complete the pre-consultation application form and send it, including all supporting materials, as well as an e-transfer/EFT for the fee to

Supporting materials include:

  • Concept plan that shows the proposal including lotting plan, road location and building(s) location survey
  • Air photo with the property indicated
  • Elevations and landscape concept

Once the form, all supporting materials and fee have been submitted you will receive an email from notifying you when your tentative pre-consultation meeting has been scheduled. Your meeting date and time will be confirmed when you receive the zoom link and agenda.

Pre-consultation meetings are held virtually on Wednesday afternoons.

Digital submissions for an application

Application fees

Application fees should be sent via e-transfer/EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to at the same time as your submission. Please review the Electronic Payment Information page for additional information on making payments. The full schedule of Planning Services rates and fees is available on the Rates and Fees page.

Ensure you have read and understand the requirements of Steps One and Two. Once you are ready, you can submit your application by:

Help us process your application faster by following the document submission standards.

Quick tips

  • Use the naming conventions listed below when submitting your documents
  • Save files in Vector PDF format, unlocked, greyscale and flattened into a single layer free of comments
  • Make sure drawings, schedules and general review forms are signed and dated by the appropriate designers. Have drawings are ready for review and free of markings such as “not for construction”, “for reference only” or “preliminary”.
  • Organize drawings and documents as separate files. Each document file can contain multiple pages like site plan drawings.
  • Orient drawings in landscape. Orient forms and documents in portrait.
  • Submit searchable PDF files for calculations, reports and other supporting documents (non-drawing files), when possible.
  • If including scanned documents, resolution of 1-bit black-and-white 300 dpi is usually acceptable. For plans and drawings with fine lines and detail, 600 dpi resolution is required. Full-colour renderings and photos may be submitted, but only as supplements to a sufficient set of plans. Grayscale is preferred.
  • Naming conventions: Please name your files according to the standardized naming conventions.  

In the event you are requested to resubmit materials, please provide the documents requested only. Please do not resubmit the entire application package at this time, unless otherwise requested to do so.

What to expect after submission

Your application will be pre-screened to ensure all required information has been provided. If the criteria has been met, the application will be accepted. If information is insufficient or missing, you will be notified of the missing requirements to be provided. To avoid delays, ensure all documentation meets the requirements and reapply as soon as possible.

Once we have all the required information, you will be notified by email what fees are to be paid. After payment, depending upon the complexity of the application, your application will be circulated for technical review and approvals which may take six to eight weeks.