Cultural Plan

The cultural plan aims to develop and support arts and culture in Oakville and create and maintain the necessary conditions for it to inspire, engage and thrive.


To be a community where culture inspires, engages and thrives.


The Cultural Plan 2016-2021 (pdf) builds on the significant progress of the town’s original cultural plan developed in 2009, Enabling Culture to Thrive in Oakville: Oakville Strategic Directions for Culture (pdf).

Oakville’s cultural landscape has changed dramatically since 2009 and significant progress has been made to connect and build on the many forms of culture that exist within the community. The updated plan will see the town continue that momentum by implementing the following eight recommendations, each with a set of supporting initiatives:

  1. Reaching and engaging the whole community.
  2. Develop a public art program.
  3. Leverage the corporate art collection to engage the wider community.
  4. Invest in “cultural anchors” that provide and support creativity in the community.
  5. Develop public sector partnerships.
  6. Increase private sector engagement and partnerships to support the arts in Oakville.
  7. Ensure arts and culture are in more facilities throughout the town.
  8. Consider how arts and culture can help achieve broader town goals by applying a “Cultural Lens” approach to all projects and programs.

The Cultural Plan 2016-2021 was developed in consultation with an external focus group of stakeholders and based on input gathered through public meetings and an online survey.