Parking Permits

Temporary on-street parking permits

Residents and their visitors may now easily obtain a temporary on-street parking permit online. Offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this new online system is part of the town's commitment to provide easy access to our services.

All you need is access to a computer, licence plate number, and just a couple of minutes to fill out some basic information in order to get a permit. Once you complete the form and read and agree to the terms and conditions, a permit is issued immediately.

Key things to note:

  • Temporary on-street parking permits allow for parking on the street longer than three hours or between 2 and 6 a.m.
  • The permit does not allow the vehicle to be parked against any other parking by-law.
  • During a snowstorm a permit will not be valid for use on the road
  • A temporary parking permit is issued up to a maximum of 15 days per vehicle per year. Please refer to temporary on-street parking permit terms and conditions page for more information.
  • Additional information on parking by-laws and fine amounts may be viewed as a full list of parking violations and fines (pdf, 156 kB).
  • If a sign is posted with a timed restriction, such as, "no parking 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.", please contact Service Oakville at 905-845-6601 during regular business hours for information on obtaining a temporary on-street parking permit.

Special events

Temporary on-street permits will not allow for parking in areas that have temporary "no parking" signs or road closures posted for a special event.

Please contact Service Oakville 905-845-6601 for more information on parking in your area during an event.

To find out more about temporary parking restrictions in your area please visit the Service Disruptions page.

For more information about the town's on-street parking permit program, call Service Oakville at 905-845-6601.

The New Communities of Oakville (residential communities north of Dundas Street) have been planned to allow on-street parking and the Town of Oakville has approved an overnight on-street paid parking permit program. This will allow residents to park their vehicles overnight on selected streets with a permit within the designated community.

The following general parking restrictions are in effect north of Dundas Street:

  • No parking between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. throughout the year
  • Three hour parking limit at all other times
  • Other parking by-laws are in effect and may be signed or unsigned

Overnight parking permits are available for overnight parking on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking permits are released in phases as the development nears or achieves full occupancy.

Permits available for purchase:

At this time the following areas allow for permits:

  • Select street north of Dundas between Eighth Line and Neyagawa where curbs have been installed

Permits are available on a monthly basis for $50 each month. To find out if your street allows for monthly parking permits please call 905-845-6601 for more information.

How can I order an NDS permit?

There is an online service for requesting an NDS permit. To take advantage of this service please set up an account and then go to order a permit.

If you are a current permit holder or have requested to be a permit holder and have any questions please contact us at or by phone at 905-845-6601.

What can I do via self-service with my account?

Once you log into your account you can:

  • Update your contact information and profile – for example, change your phone number
  • Order a permit
  • Change vehicle information for an existing permit

For more information on the terms and conditions of a paid monthly permit please visit the Parking Permit Terms and Conditions. For more information such as future NDS permits releases please call 905-845-6601 or visit the North of Oakville overnight parking permits frequently asked questions page.

Please review the Municipal Paid Parking Lots map (pdf) to find locations in the districts that offer monthly permit parking for daytime use only. All permit prices include HST. 

Downtown Oakville locations and Fees

Church Street Parkade (covered parking garage on Church Street between Trafalgar Road and Reynolds Street) - $101.70
Lot 2 (corner of Church Street and Thomas Street) - $62.15
Lot 3 (corner of Church Street and George Street) - $62.15
Lot 6  and north side of Randall Street - $62.15
Lot 6A (corner of Randall Street and George Street) - $62.15
Lot 11B and west side of Water Street - $39.55
Lot 14 and west side of Water Street - $39.55
Lot F (temporary lot until Nov 2020, corner of Randall and Navy Streets) - $39.55
Douglas/Randall (designated areas between Allan Street and Lakeshore Road East) - $39.55

Kerr Village locations

Lot 12 (between Florence and Washington Streets) - $39.55
Lot 17 (corner of Kerr Street and Westside Drive) - $39.55

Bronte Village locations

Ontario Street (south side between Jones and East Streets) - $39.55

Many of these locations have a waiting list, with varying wait times depending on the location.

How can I order a permit or go on a waitlist?

Please make your request online service for a permit or to add your name to the waitlist for a permit. To take advantage of this service please set up an account and follow the steps as indicated.

If you currently have a monthly parking permit you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your account and ensure your information is current. We have already begun this process and continue to update our existing accounts to allow for their online access. If you are a current permit holder and have questions about the new online system please contact 905-845-6601 for more information.

What can I do via self-service with my account?

Once you log into your account you can:

  • Update your contact information and profile – for example, change your phone number
  • Request to change vehicle information for an existing permit
  • Begin the process to cancel a permit
  • Add yourself to a waitlist or remove yourself from a waitlist

About the waitlists

When a location is sold out, the option to go on the waitlist is presented during the permit ordering processes. To go on a waitlist set up an account. The waitlist operates on first come first serve basis by request date.

Waitlist rules:

  • you can be on up to three waitlists at one time
  • permit offers are managed relevant to the date of waitlist request
  • as permits become available the next waitlist entry is offered a permit via email using the email address on file

Waitlist offer:

  • the offer is valid for five business days
  • if the offer is rejected or we do not hear from you within five business days your offer is rescinded, you are removed from this waitlist and this permit is offered to the next waitlist entry
  • the offer can be accepted via email/by phone/in-person with Parking Operations

For more information on the terms and conditions of a paid monthly permit please visit the terms and conditions page. For more information such as permit locations and cost please call 905-845-6601.

Veterans who live in Oakville are eligible for a parking permit that will allow them to park their vehicles for free without payment during designated times in on-street metered spaces and municipal lots.

To qualify for a veteran parking permit you must satisfy the requirements;

  • applicant must be a veteran of the Canadian Forces or equivalent of Merchant Marines or Allied Forces
  • vehicles listed on permit must be registered to the veteran's address

Veterans can apply for a permit by opening the Veterans Parking Permit Application (pdf) and returning the completed form to Parking Operations at Town Hall.

For information about accessible parking in Oakville please visit the accessible parking permit page.

If you are undergoing construction please visit the parking during construction page to find out more.

There may be times that you may need permission for more than five vehicles to park on the road. Or have a camper that you need to load up for your upcoming camping trip!

Multiple vehicle permits (MVP) will help with these and in the following instances:

  • camper/recreational trailer
  • resident planning an event
  • multi-residential construction
  • roadway construction/developer finishing a subdivision
  • organization holding an event for its members/group

The MVP will allow for vehicles to park during the approved time and will grant permission to park:

  • longer than 3 hours
  • between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Request your permit


  • MVP requests will be submitted through an online form to Parking Operations
  • requests must be submitted five business days in advance of the start date to allow for review and processing

For definitions of MVP permit types and more information please visit the MVP Terms and Conditions page.

Special events

MVP permits are not available during special events where temporary parking restrictions are posted. For a more information on special events in your area please visit the Special Events section.

Image of a laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

Image of a laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

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Request temporary on-street or paid parking permits.

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Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project

For information about free parking during construction in downtown Oakville, visit our Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project page.