Bids and Tenders

The procurement of goods, services and construction for the town.

The town is a member of the Halton Cooperative Purchasing Group, dedicated to providing maximum value and resources to its member agencies and client groups through a cooperative purchasing process.

Our Purchasing and Risk Management division is responsible for procuring goods, services and construction for the town in an ethical, professional and accountable manner.

Bid and tenders

The town uses bids&tenders to advertise tenders and proposals greater than $100,000 unless a prequalification process has been completed in advance.

Vendors interested in providing goods and services to the Town of Oakville will be required to have a vendor account with bids&tenders.


The cost to subscribe to bids&tenders is $175.05 per year for unlimited access to all bids&tenders clients.  For vendors that bid infrequently the “pay-per-use” option is available at $52.38 per bid.  

The Town of Oakville will no longer charge any document, project or administrative fees to bidders.  The annual subscription or pay-per-use fee to bids&tenders is the only charge you will incur to place unlimited bids for town business.  

Terms and conditions of purchase

A formal purchase order is required for purchases greater than $25,000. The purchase order number must appear on all shipping documents, packing slips and invoices. 

Orders are to be shipped free on-board town with destination specified on the purchase order. The Purchase Order is a legal contract between the town and its suppliers. The town's standard Terms and Conditions can be accessed here Purchase order terms and conditions (pdf).

Insurance/Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

Contractors who provide labour, repair and/or installation services at any town facility or on any town owned property must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Oakville as additional insured providing proof of commercial general liability of not less than $5,000,000 unless otherwise approved. 

As well, all such Contractors must comply with the requirements imposed upon them by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. No work may proceed until the town has received WSIB clearance certificate.

Supplier performance

The town will rate the performance of the supplier on standard criteria developed, reviewed and revised from time to time under areas of management/supervision, health/safety, quality of work, progress of work/schedules and adherence to specifications, terms and conditions. 

On completion of the project (or interim if required), a performance evaluation shall be completed. From this ranking will stem a recommendation approving the contractor to bid on future works for the town or imposing a probation/suspension period if deemed necessary.

Code of conduct and behaviour

The Town of Oakville is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe and supportive workplace for all employees that is free from discrimination and harassment. All employees are to be treated with respect and dignity in keeping with the town’s values of accountability, dedication, honesty, innovation, respect and teamwork. 

The policy applies to all town employees, councillors, contractors, consultants, workers and every person accessing town property, services, events and programs. All parties shall conduct themselves in accordance with the town’s Respectful Conduct Policy, including the associated procedures.

Deliveries and completion dates

It is important that goods, services and construction be delivered promptly, and project schedules met according to the date agreed upon when the purchase order or contract was established.


Invoices are paid based on the Purchase Order, unless otherwise specified in the contract document, following the receipt and inspection of goods or services. All invoices must be sent directly to the Accounts Payable department electronically in PDF or TIF format to

Invoices are paid promptly in accordance with the payment terms negotiated with the supplier, however the town’s standard is 30 days from date of receipt of the invoices. Prompt payment discounts are taken from the date of receipt of invoice, or date of receipt of the material, whichever is later.


Bids & Tenders