Accessibility Advisory Committee Goals and Accomplishments

Strategic goals to provide accessible programs and services.

The following is a list of some of the most recent planned goals, completed projects and initiatives of the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC). 

Actions for 2022

All actions in the AAC’s proposed 2022 work plan align with Council’s strategic goal to provide accessible programs and services.

  1. Continue to work with town staff to promote awareness and ensure barriers to accessibility are identified and eliminated for improved accessibility in the community.
  2. Participate in consultation activities and provide feedback on:
    • Oakville Transit accessibility initiatives
    • Diversity and Inclusion plans
    • 2022 Oakville municipal election accessibility plan and initiatives
    • Town construction, renovation, and planned projects
    • 2021-2024 Facilities and Construction Management Work Plan for accessible improvements at facilities
    • Town website rebuild project
    • Annual Active Transportation Program
    • 2022 annual status update to the 2018-2023 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
    • Outreach opportunities including accessibility and inclusion promotional materials
  3. Review and provide feedback on selected site plan applications as determined by the town, as described in section 41 of the Planning Act.
  4. Promote community awareness by:
    • Participating (virtually) or raising awareness through digital communication and/or social media the following events:
      • Local events (such as the Inspire AccessAbility Showcase, Oakville Children’s Festival)
      • Significant days/weeks (such as National AccessAbility Week and International Day for Persons with Disabilities)
      • Community Spirit Award for accessibility 2020
    • Participating in joint Halton Region initiatives
    • Participating in provincial and federal government accessibility legislation consultations, as scheduled
    • Networking with local agencies, businesses, and seek support and guidance where necessary from town departments and other stakeholders
  5. Present the AAC’s annual report on 2021 Accomplishments and 2022 Work Plan, to Council, through receipt of the committee minutes.

Recognizing the challenges and impacts the evolving pandemic continues to have on everyone and organizations, compliance with all appropriate accessibility requirements under the AODA must still happen as organizations react and adapt their operations.

In 2021, the AAC accomplished its mandate and goal through the following deliverables:

1. Town initiatives and consultations (deliverables: Providing feedback on the town’s multi-year accessibility plan and annual updates on accessibility initiatives to comply with the requirements of the AODA, and consultation requirements under the AODA)

The AAC received presentations and provided feedback on:

  • 2021 AAC Accomplishments and Proposed 2022 Work Plan
  • 2021 Accessibility Annual status update on provincial accessibility requirements
  • 2021 Oakville Transit Annual Accessibility Plan
  • 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan
  • Town construction, renovation, and planned projects, including:
  • Iroquois Ridge Community Centre – bench placement
  • Wallace Park redevelopment
  • Orange Crosswalk
  • North Park Sports Park
  • Fire safety/awareness for persons with disabilities
  • 2022 Oakville municipal election accessibility plan and initiatives

2. Community awareness and collaboration (deliverable: Promoting awareness of accessibility and inclusion)

Despite the evolving pandemic, the regular meeting schedule of the committee was not impacted, as virtual meetings continued to be held to enable discussions on accessibility in a safe manner.

Staff and committee members continued to seek out opportunities to increase community awareness and collaboration in 2021 through participating in the following events and raising awareness through social media:

  • Town of Oakville 2021 Community Spirit Awards
  • National AccessAbility Awareness Week
  • International Day for Persons with Disabilities
  • Town of Oakville Recreation and Culture Department participation on an Inclusive Recreation Focus Group (Parks and Recreation Ontario)
  • Installation of hearing loop technology/Speech transfer systems at the town
  • CNIB advocacy campaigns, including the 2021 Federal election, Insulin pumps accessibility, and Moneris Core Payment Terminals equipped with enhanced accessibility features