Sign Permits

We've made a visual guide to help interpret Sign By-law 2018-153

Sign by-law 2018-153 provides regulations of various sign types including elections signs, mobile signs, fascia signs and advertising signs.

Sign By-law visual guide can assist with understanding the sign types included in the by-law. This guide contains photographs of various sign types that are defined and regulated in the Sign By-law.

Please note that this guide is intended for convenience only. Please refer to Sign by-law 2018-153 for specific regulations.

Election Signs

Election signs may be displayed on the municipal road allowance along designated roadways up to 45 days in advance of the election day or issuance of the writ.

Refer to the Election Sign Map (pdf) for details on eligible locations to post election signs. Election signs may also be displayed on private property with the authorization of the owner. For information on the appropriate way to post election signs please refer to the Election Sign Do's and Don'ts guide (pdf). Any signs that are attached to a commercial property may be subject to further regulations set out in Sign By-law 2018-153.

To report illegal election signs, please contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601 or

Candidate information

To become eligible to post signs along the public road allowance candidates must submit an application (pdf) with a deposit of $200. This deposit will be used for any signs that are retrieved from the roadway which are posted contrary to the Sign By-law. Reasons for signs to be retrieved would include being posted in locations not permitted, prohibited sign types or other prohibitions outlined in Sign By-law 2018-153.

Submit your application to display signs accompanied with your deposit to ServiceOakville located at Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road.

Fixed signs

If you want to install a fixed sign, please visit the Fixed Signs page for more information. You may also download and complete the fixed sign permit application (pdf).

Temporary Signs

For more information please visit the Mobile Signs page. You will find details regarding signs with annual permits, signs with 21 day permits and community mobile sign permits.